Real Wedding: Hilary's Trial Upstyle

Hi All! I am excited to post yet another trial upstyle! I met with Hilary this past weekend to do her trial style. I love the theme of her wedding, she is doing a very sleek 20's glam. Sort of a Great Gatsby feel. I am in love. I'm just going to sneak into her wedding and steal ideas for my own.

She is such a natural bride, she really has great skin and wears little makeup. (Oh the life!) She chose a simple and sophisticated chignon for her wedding day. Here are a few images!

You really have to love this, I mean it is so sleek.
                 and finally her vintage inspired veil piece. I must really be on a veil kick cause I just love hers.  Don't mind the tag! I am looking forward to her wedding in a few weeks!   **Excited**

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