Real Wedding: Chris' Beautiful Baltimore Wedding!

Hello All! Happy Friday!

We recently did a wedding for a much deserving bride Chris. She is a refreshing and optimistic person. It really was a pleasure getting her, her sister and her mother all beautified. We arrived at Chris' home that morning to find her relaxing in a robe drinking champagne! I knew it would be a stress free afternoon when I saw that. :)

Here are some photos!

                                                                                              We were able to get
the girls to get lashes! They are so dramatic.

Chris wore her hair long, healthy and flowing. We gave her a nice curl to boot.

Chris' sister was also on hand to get her hair and makeup done.

They were such a fun loving group. Chris' mother was one of the best MOB I have yet to meet. She was hilarious. I wish all of the happiness she can handle with her new marriage & move. <3

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