Alison O's Big Day!

With every wedding I get just as excited as the one before. Alison's wedding was no exception. Alison was a great bride to work with. There was an immediate connection when we met at the creative cakes cake tasting in April. I mean, we do have the same first name. (exact spelling & everything!) I mean really how often does that really happen.

Alison & her step-daughter Melissa invited me to come prepare them for Alison's wedding. It was one of the most relaxing weddings I have had the pleasure of doing. We primped and pampered in the double tree, which btw has these 'pure floors'. It is amazing, the air is purified and everything in the room is sanitized so that germs and diseases don't stick around. How they do it, I have no idea.

Looks comfy doesn't it.

Anyhow, on to the more important things. Alison was such an upbeat bride, I loved it. When we first met she brought a photo of a beautiful fresh looking bride jumping through the air.
It matched her personality so much she purchased the shoes, dress & veil. How is that for one stop. When we met for the trial up style she showed me this photo again. Although this is a beautiful photo, it leaves the hair to the imagination a bit. I loved the loose and relaxed style the hair had and I mimicked my version of something similar. After installing the veil, we found it wasn't quite what she wanted!
Once we reevaluated, pulled some pins I hit the nail on the head!
We were able to take her veil and rework it to look like something completely different as well. As I said in my last post, I love creative veil & hairpieces.                                                                            
Alison's even more laid back step daughter also had her hair blown out.

I truly believe we were able to give Alison a beautiful hairstyle that flattered her style. She was a pleasure to work with and I wish her and her new husband all the happiness in the world.

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