Short Hair?

Over time I have met with quite a few short haired brides. Although the norm is for women to begin growing their hair out the day they get engaged a few of us lack the care or drive to do so. Or in my case I prefer my short hair. Anyhow, most people assume there isn't any real options for themselves since their hair doesn't hit their shoulders. Another thing I've heard brides say is that since its so short I'll just do it myself. That really is a shame, chances are its going to look like you've done it yourself. If your stylist is experienced enough they should be able to offer you a few choices that fit your style, hair type and face shape. I've collected just a few pictures of options for people with shorter hair.

When choosing a style for shorter hair be realistic about what you are looking for. I have had many brides with a bob bringing me photos of Taylor Swift.  I love her hair but it just isn't going to happen. Don't be discouraged, you have plenty of beautiful bridal options.

One of my favorite short haired styles is the finger wave. This blond bombshells' hair style is derived from the finger wave. It was a popular style in the twenties and there are really modern ways to apply the vintage inspired style to any wedding theme.

These last two photos are photos of faux up styles. If the pieces of your hair around your face can almost reach the back of your head then you are more than likely qualified for one of these styles. With a professional touch you can also have a style that makes your hair appear longer than it really is.

For those of us with short short pixie style hair nothing beats a nice blowout and hair accessory. When my hair was only an inch and a half long having one of my fellow stylists style my hair really made quite a difference.

If you are working with an experienced true professional they should be able to offer you a few realistic options for your wedding day. I strongly suggest doing a little research and speaking to your wedding day stylist about your expectations. They should be able to help you.

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  1. I agree not much is said about short hair, which I have, glad you did.