Real Wedding: Jeanie's Wedding!

Hello everyone! I've been trying to find a safe balance of working hard and blogging. :o) I recently received photos from a beautiful wedding we had the pleasure of working. Jeanie T {you may remember her from her trial upstyle.. look back in our blog a few posts}

I would like to thank Morgan Henderson of Morgan Henderson Photography { http://www.morganhendersonphotography.com/ }

She is a photographer from North Carolina who came up to attend her friends wedding. She did a fantastic job snapping great photos for us of the girls getting ready. In fact Jeanie is the bride on our home page!

So on the day of Jeanies wedding we showed up at this really insane house { I mean huge } I think it had 3 kitchens in it. It was beautiful right on the water in Annapolis. We showed up bright and early because the wedding was an early afternoon wedding. Jeanie's hubby was a Naval Academy grad so they got to have their ceremony at the infamous Naval Academy {as seen in Ashton Kutchers 'The Gaurdian'}

Where was I, so Morgan provided us with all of these fantastic photos of our team getting everyone ready. A few of them you may have seen {I've put them everywhere!} Theres a pretty neat photo of Jeanie's sister playing the piano while I am pampering Jeanie. There is a photo of Caitlin getting the bride all made up. They really are awesome.

Finally if we've make you gorgeous on your wedding day send us some photos! I love posting them and who doesn't want to be written about? :o) Exactly. Okay one more of the beautiful bride Jeanie!

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