Real Wedding: Susan's Trial Upstyle

Hello everyone! I hope you found my last post full of great advice and suggestions. :o) {I try!} Anyhow, enough of that. On to much more important things! Susan's trial style!

Susan found us on the knot at the last min! She was super sweet and I couldn't believe her wedding was within a month! Apparently her and the FH decided why wait?! Move it up. They have planned what sounds to be a beautiful wedding at Gramercy Mansion in 2 months time! Can you imagine?

Guess what. Through all of this she was super calm and collected. I was double-y impressed. So about her hair. She wanted something that was up off of her neck, that would stay in place and looked polished and elegant. As you can see here are a few of the photos from the trial.

She also had this fantastic hair accessory. Can you believe she got it at Claires?! {sorry Susan for giving away your secret!} I just can't keep quiet about a deal. Anyhow, it was perfect for this style. It was easily incorporated and looked elegant. I cannot wait to help Susan get all ready to walk down the aisle to her hubby to be Chase! <3

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