Hello Everyone! I was recently asked to guest blog on Myservicenetwork.com's page! How exciting. They asked me to write an article on bridal hair and makeup tips and advice. :o) I thought I would share here with you all what I had written. As soon as I get the link I will post it. Happy Reading!

1. Always read through your contract. Just like with any other wedding vendor make sure you read through everything before you sign. If your hair and makeup artists do not have a contract; be weary. A contract protects both you and your artist. It insures that someone will show up and perform the services you requested on your wedding day as it also insures that the artist will be compensated. If you are planning on going into the salon to get you and your parties’ hair done make sure you call ahead to book the appointments and to make sure they have enough staff.

2. One thing I have seen as a common thread in our industry is a lot of makeup artists dabbling in hair services as well as hairstylists performing makeup services. Here at Belle Soeur we contract separate artists to perform separate services. That way when you pay for a professional makeup application you are getting a full blown professional makeup application by a licensed makeup artist. Not a hairstylist trying to pump up their service dollar by applying semi professional makeup application. The same goes for the hair, when you ask and pay for a professional experienced hair stylist you get just that. Not a makeup artist who can use a curling iron. You will see a dramatic difference in the quality of work if you pay attention. So either hire separate artists, or go with a company who subcontracts separate artists. {sorry that was a long one!}

3. Absolutely get a makeup and hair trial. You need to know that you and your artists are on the same page. It also prevents any wedding day surprises. Schedule them on the same day so that you can see how the entire look pulls together.

4. I prefer my brides to get their trial done about 2 weeks before their wedding. At this point they will not be cutting or coloring their hair until after the wedding. It give you a more accurate view of how it will look the day of your event. Can’t wait that long, schedule two. The reason you want to do one closer to your wedding date is because tastes change. If you get a trial 6 months before your wedding you may see 3 different styles you like between then and now.

5. Wear a white T-shirt to your trial. This will help you to see how your dress will play with the makeup. Trust me, it works!

6. Make sure you have all of your hair accessories at the trial run, it is important to get a whole idea of how things will look. Also make sure you have a camera with you. A lot of stylists won’t take photos and believe me if it is longer than 3 days away they will forget!

7. Be realistic. Look at your hair and look at the photo of the style you like. Your makeup artist and hair stylist are not magicians. We enhance your already beautiful features; unfortunately we cannot make your hair grow. {oh! I wish!} If you have a few ideas of styles you are thinking of bring them to your stylist and discuss your options. They should be able to give you a few alternatives if they don’t think it is possible for your hair.

8. Be wary of the hair stylist you have had since you were 8. I know you trust her; she does your mother, your sister and your two cousins’ hair. One thing a lot of clients are not aware of it that a lot of great hairstylists are not that great at updos. For starters ask your stylist if they even do bridal hair. If they say yes, most definitely schedule a trial. Don’t be surprised or offended if your stylist says no. Creating professional and polished updo’s is a skill that not many salon stylists acquire. You have to remember that generally they may only get one or two updos a month and it is quite stressful to pull together something that looks exactly like a photo on the biggest day of some women’s lives. {it is a stressful industry!}

9. Once you’ve reached your wedded bliss make sure to repay them for making you beautiful. The best thing a bride can do for our company is to leave us a review or refer us to a friend. In this industry word travels fast. Most of our new brides are recommended to us by our past brides.

We wish you the best of luck in both planning and enjoying your wedding day. I hope that these little tidbits have helped. If you have any questions or would like more information on how Belle Soeur can help pamper you please visit us at www.BelleSoeurStyles.com.

Best of luck & Buckets of happiness!


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