The big BANG theory. Do or Don't?

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Today's topic is Bangs. As everyone with eyeballs can see bangs are definitely a big trend these days. However the biggest questions about your bridal hair is, do you want to look back at your wedding photos and see something trendy or classic. Generally I suggest the later. For starters lets talk about bang types.

Straight across.

Generally I would call this a super no. There are very rare occasions that I would recommend this look to anyone. You just have to have that Cleopatra look about you to pull these off, and honestly not many people have that. My vote is a no, unless of course you've had these bangs for an extended period of time and you don't want to drastically change your look for your wedding day.
If you are interested in having something covering your entire for head, might I suggest something a little softer like this style on Rachael McAdams (love her)

You can obviously clean it up a little bit, but I think this is a better less trendy alternative.
Now we move on to

Pin-up bangs.

These are awesome and inspirational Betty Page style bangs. However, I would only recommend this to a bride who is having a more vintage themed, or pin-up style wedding. All other times, this would be a wedding no.

Now to the all popular side bang:

Side bangs are literally every where these days, they are by far the most popular option for brides these days. The main reason for this is because sides bangs are the most versatile. Most women can support this look. I would strongly suggest these bangs to women who are on the fence about them, who want to have a bang but can't make the commitment and to anyone who is looking to softly cover up a for head from hell.

If you are tired of seeing bangs over all and you have no interest in them across the board there are plenty of ways to include them into your style. For example

This is one of my favorite images, it shows how easily you can incorporate your bangs into your wedding day style. Another thing I support that is trendy with out being too annoying is the way Jessica Alba included her bangs in this beautiful updo

Bangs can be a hairstyles best friend or your faces downfall. Use your discretion when deciding on bangs. I suggest if you are planning your wedding and you want to give a shot at bangs, get them far enough away from your wedding day so that if you decide against them you can grow them out. Also, don't let me, or any one else for that matter, tell you what you should not wear on your wedding day. You have to wear your hair that day, not me. You should feel beautiful, if a bang I did not recommend suits you and makes you feel pretty then by all means do it. This is just a list I've compiled for the bride who is on the fence. Talk to your hair dresser, generally they can help you decide what bang is right for you.

However, please for the love of everything hair related do. not. do. this.

Those are not bangs. That is a beautiful woman who wanted bangs and didn't get them cut.
This is a don't folks.

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