2010 Bridal Trends

As experts in our field, it is our job to be on top of the latest trends. We like our brides to have a natural yet polished look. These days brides are going for a more lose updo, usually resulting in a DIY feel.

The days of tight, glued and spiral curled hair are over! (Thank god.)

How 90s?

Here are a few of my favorties. Obvi Taylor Swift is going to be on this list.

Her Soft waves give her a soft yet elegant look.

I think this is a great alternative for a bride who is thinking of wearing her hair half up.Flowers are also an excellent accessory these days. I tend to try to use real flowers instead of buying the fake ones. The fake ones sometimes reflect in professional photographs. We don't want that.

Sometimes a it can be overkill. I haven't decided how I feel about this updo, to be honest I think she would have been better off minus the hump and mini sprigs of babys breath. Thats just my opinion.

Next blog topic, Bangs -an Ido or Idon't.

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