Late Night Blog Rave

Hello All,
So its about 1 am and I'm up researching new airbrush makeup techniques, laying with my dog and listening to my boyfriend snore and I thought, what a perfect time to blog. Something a bit more personal. It is wedding season and we are slammed.

We are so excited to be doing a last min bride named Jeanie, I will be meeting with her Friday. The brave bride meeting me the day before her wedding. Due to a deployment they have moved the wedding up I believe. It will be hosted at the Annapolis Naval Academy. I am very excited as I haven't done a wedding at this venue yet.

Also a lot going on these next few weeks with prom. Two different proms in the next two weeks to be exact. Shelby is a returning client to Belle Soeur. Last year I did her and 4 of her friends for their junior prom. They were great, very friendly girls who I can't wait to work with again. Its nice to have a little break from weddings. Their dresses are something different than white & there is a little less of a time crunch :)

I wanted to mention that we offer a military discount to both active duty and retired military. As someone whose significant other is active duty military I understand how difficult it can be. I really think that both the service member and the family of that person sacrifice so much for the rest of us to live freely. I would love to show my support for anyone who has served. Please mention our military discount when booking with us if that applies to you.

Well anyhow, I will be finding my cameras memory card tomorrow. Mayhaps I will be posting some pictures from our employee meeting. I hope your spring season is going as well as ours. Back to google.

Have a great night!

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  1. I love the first photo selection. It seems that the vintage look is all the rave now.